Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose our own music for the trailer?
Yes, you can but you will need to tell us at least 2 weeks before your big day, we cannot change the trailer clips. According to the music you choose we choose clips that go with the beat and rhythm of the music. You cannot change the music & clips after if decide you do not like it.
*Normally we choose our music, as the clips we have taken are put together accordingly.

Can we make the trailer longer? Like 10mins
Yes, you will need to tell us this in advance, at least 2 weeks before your big day.

Can we make a shorter main film?
Yes, you can make a shorter main film, but you will have to remember you will be missing out on a lot of key points.

Can you we have the raw footage?
Yes, if it’s not part of your package then an additional fee will be applied, you will need to tell us 2 weeks before your big day.

Can we have Blurays/DVDs?
Normally we provide you a Digital download or USB, however we can make Bluray/DVD, but please remember this is not future proof.

Do you do international events?
Yes, we do, we love them.

Can you edit my wedding, which was shot by another supplier?
Yes, we can be depending if you have the original footage and other factors, prices vary re-editing.

Do you use CAA Approved drone operators?
Yes, all our operators are PFCO qualified if you choose a drone part of your package.


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